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By T. Jackson


– In the United States, a Master’s degree in library information and science is required for licensure and accreditation of librarians.

– Kari Weaver, a Gregg-Graniteville Library employee, one day aspires to teach up and coming librarians.

– Weaver travels all over campus to teach Critical Inquiry, a class for incoming freshman, as well as library and source evaluation skills.

(AIKEN, S.C.) — Growing up, Kari Weaver wanted to be a variety of things from a fly girl on living color to a Rockette dancer. Librarianship did not once cross her mind until her collegiate years and her mother was even a children’s librarian!

“I was always fascinated by every class I would take and I have always loved new things,” Weaver said.

Weaver’s love of new things deals with something she likes to call the “shiny object syndrome”. Shiny object syndrome is when a new idea captures a person’s attention in a way that distracts from the bigger picture and allows them to go off on tangents that get started, but never finished.

Weaver’s shiny object syndrome rang true while attending the University of Indiana. She had a difficult time choosing which path she wanted to focus on. She had applied to law school as well as graduate school for English literature.

Weaver’s advisor in college had a wife who was an academic librarian and after meeting with his wife, Weaver knew just what direction she desired to go in.

Weaver received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature and business management at the University of Indiana. She went on to get her Master’s in library information and science from the University of Rhode Island.

Weaver is not only the assistant professor of library science, but she is also the library instruction coordinator for the Gregg-Graniteville Library at the University of South Carolina-Aiken.

Weaver enjoys teaching as much as she does librarianship. As of right now, she is taking her education even further by working towards a Doctorate degree in education from the University of South Carolina, focusing on curriculum and instruction.

Working in librarianship has taught Weaver life lessons, such as how to balance her work and home life as well as the importance of a good quality education. Her mother and biggest influence always considered education essential.

Weaver believes in order for public schools to better prepare their students for college differentiated instruction should be an option. Differentiated Instruction is when teachers meet students’ needs by splitting them into groups where they can excel most, such as below, average or advanced rather than simply teaching to the class as a whole.

Her family photos, various colors of lipstick, and cabinets filled with books make an office with fluorescent lighting and limited space feel more like home.

CAPTION: Kari Weaver, assistant professor of librarian science and library instruction coordinator, flips through a book for research information.


Kari D. Weaver





One thought on “Profile Feature Story Draft (for Portfolio)

  1. Much better! A few thoughts:

    If you were reading this, would the first story highlight make you think this was a story about what it takes to have a career as a librarian? Keep the highlights focused on Kari so people know to expect a profile of her.

    Good effort on the lead, but could you smooth it out a little? Something like:

    “Like many children, Kari Weaver dreamed of being on stage – as a fly girl on ‘In Living Color’ [this was a tv show in the 90s that Jennifer Lopez got her start on!!] to a Rockette dancer. The quiet life of a librarian did not once cross her mind, even though her mother was a children’s librarian.” Don’t just copy this, but perhaps think about how you could use some of these ideas?

    Kari was probably being wry or sarcastic talking about “shiny object syndrome” — try to let some of that lighthearted attitude ring out, instead of writing so formally that readers might think it is a real condition!

    Remember, now that you’ve reorganized this story so that it reads a lot better, try to infuse your writing with some of her attitude/personality so readers feel like we know her!

    Good effort at revising.

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