The group talked about throughout the article is American Muslims, especially women, who are discriminated against by Americans that think Muslims are intrusive on the “American way of life.”  ABC is now featuring televised shows that peek into Muslims and Islam in America. The shows display both to be as stagnant and monolithic as they have ever been.  The article goes into detail about the discrimination of American Muslim women based on their clothes and veils. Bianna Golodryga went undercover with the hijab to find out what Muslim women endure. However, this only shows  the experience of the veiled American Muslim. The American Muslim woman’s experience is not just one about being veiled or unveiled. It deals greatly with what she is depicted as to Americans, which is an individual that’s being is determined by the clothes in her closet and the faith she believes in.

After reading through the powerpoint lecture and reading this article it has really shown me just how sensitive some issues can be, especially dealing with religion for those Americans see as “different”. I do not think anyone should be judged based on the clothes they choose to wear or their appearance. Who are you to judge them? What makes you think they don’t have just as much a right as you do to wear their own clothes and worship who they want. It would be another story if they tried to get you to convert, but they aren’t so why does it matter? I’ll never understand the judgment and discrimination that comes around, not just for American Muslims, but for any minority. If they aren’t bothering you, why do you feel the need to look at them suspiciously or taunt them verbally? I guess I just don’t understand it. I know the world isn’t perfect and that not everyone gets along, especially if they are from different backgrounds but that doesn’t mean a person has to go out of their way to make someone feel bad about themselves. If I ever write about issues that may involve multicultural sensitivity I will do my part to make sure I do it the right way, because the last thing I would want to do is offend someone based on their appearance or what they believe.


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