My name is Taylor Jackson and I am an upcoming sophomore at the Aiken branch of the University of South Carolina. I am an English major who one day aspires to become an editor and work at a publishing company. However, I realize I would need to work my way up to that particular career. I have been an avid reader for years now and have grown to love it more and more as time has passed. Fortunately for me, I have a Kindle Fire that I use to read novels. I am also the proud owner of some paperback books as well. My collection of books, paperback and electronic, is not nearly as large as I would like for it to be.  I could spend days on end in a library or bookstore. I go through books exceptionally quickly and read most of them more than twice. To accompany my love for reading, is my love for writing. I have been writing for pleasure for a few years now, but still struggle a little bit with the academic aspect of writing.  I always have.  Even if it is not always easy for me, it does not change how I feel about writing. It just means I have to work a little harder. Although I do not have all the required skills mastered, I have a willingness and a want in order to rectify that. I am filled with drive and competitiveness to be the best. Those are two traits that have stuck with me from my high school years. Though the two have been mentioned in great detail, there is more to me than just my love for the hobbies of reading and writing.

I was born and raised in Lexington, South Carolina. I am an only child, with the exception of a very spoiled dachshund named Sadie. I love to laugh, smile, and spend time with the people who mean the most in my life. I am partial to giraffes, southern hospitality, sweet tea, sunsets, sand between my toes, and the ocean. I love the idea of a message in a bottle. I have a bucket list that is growing at a rapid pace. I love holidays and scarves. I believe a picture is worth more than a thousand words and I love the way a book feels in my hand. My favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks, Sarah Dessen, and Deb Caletti.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you Katie! I appreciate that! In high school I was actually leaning towards a career in the medical field. I wanted to be a pharmacist because I would be helping people without having to see blood or anything like that. I do not do well with that kind of stuff at all! However, the summer before my freshman year at USCA it all changed. I decided I wanted a career I would enjoy, not just one that would be a safe choice in the troubled economy. I was reading a book where a character worked at a publishing company and that’s when I really started to think about it. After pondering it some, I came to the conclusion that I really wanted to be an editor. Once I decided to be an English major, there was no question about what I wanted as a career.

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